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This course has been designed for beginners only. It renders insight to IELTS modules and question types. It lasts for 4 weeks. For this

Listening is chunked into four:

  1. Listening for names and numbers
  2. Listening to dialogue
  3. Listening to conversation
  4. Listening to monologue

Reading is imparted in view of question types:

  1. Reading for Headings
  2. Reading for gap fills
  3. Reading for True/False/Not Given
  4. Reading for Multiple Choice Questions and others

Writing is delivered according to strategy and markers:

  1. Nominalization in Introduction
  2. Cause and Effect in Body paragraph
  3. Problem and Solution in Body paragraph
  4. Summarizing in Conclusion

Speaking is given using schemata for three sections.

  1. A4 letter schemata for section one
  2. A5 letter schemata for long turn
  3. A4 letter schemata for discussion


The Pearson Test of English Academic is trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world.

We offer three pathways:

Preparation pathway one:

It comprises personal introduction; read aloud; repeat a sentence; describe an image; retell a lecture; summarizing a piece of written text and essay writing.

Preparation pathway two:

It consists of multiple choice, multiple answers; re-order paragraphs; fill in the blanks; multiple choice, single answer.

Preparation path three:

It includes multiple choice, multiple answers; fill in the blanks; highlight correct summary; multiple choice questions, single answer; select missing word; write from dictation. We have voluminous and authentic material including practice tests and sectional tests. Our classroom programs are successfully giving test takers an over of the PTE test.

Each candidate is assigned a personal computer for preparation of the test. Also, a contact teacher is deputed to assist the students.


This course follows communicative approach for teaching of English as a foreign language. It includes situational expression of the language which facilitates to speak fluently. Students imbibe confidence to express new ideas in few days. Linguistic variation is deployed to make acquisition of foreign language immaculate. Besides this, it is also very useful for IELTS students. It lasts for 6 weeks.


The course emphasizes wide range of grammatical structures required for IELTS writing module. It concentrates on sentence making with respect to structure and function as well. The course is centered on enhancement of word order and word substitution. The main highlights include report writing; letter writing (formal, semiformal, and informal); persuasive essay writing. The course duration is only 6 weeks.


We provide study material as per IELTS standards. Practice sessions for all modules are held every day that impart deep knowledge about the IELTS question types. Students are guided to handle pressure and save time to revise or proofread their work done. The study plan is purely customized based on the strengths and weaknesses of every student. A simulated mock test is held on every Saturday. Tutorials are delivered by trained professionals. After the sessions, a personalized improvement workshop is held. Student’s performance report is generated on daily basis.


It is a computer delivered test. We provide both online and classroom programs for CD IELTS. We have highly trained and certified faculty. We welcome daily query sessions and provide personal attention to every student. Students are assigned a personal computer that contains authentic study material. Also, a weekly mock test is held to let student experience the actual test. Both the academic and general formats of test are offered.


It is also a computer delivered test. We provide both online and classroom programs for CELPIP. For the preparation of CELPIP test, online practice tests and study guides are provided to help the candidate. We provide computer to every student for uninterrupted training. The test is offered in general format only. In writing and speaking modules, the range of vocabulary is extended using collocations’ list; the variety of grammatical structures is developed with the help of syntax formation that assures length and complexity as well. In order to gauge pace throughout the test, students are trained to keep an eye on the timer. Proofreading of the text is advisable so that they have no typos that impact the clarity of response.


We train impassioned folks to be warm and helpful so that they are approachable and people around them would feel comfortable. To elevate optimism and confidence, we take help of stories, poems, and quotes. As today’s work culture is diverse, adaptive skills are much needed to cohabitate people from different cultures and ethnicity. Dress sense is guided as per comfort and the occasion. Apart from this, body language is pruned, primarily truncating the gestures that offend others. Exhaustive protocols on social skills and communicative skills hone personality. Tackling with mistakes and avoiding imitation are cultured through varied scenario based evaluations.


Achiever's batch is a platform that provides wings to aspirants for the final test. The major highlight includes problem resolution of weak areas. The faculty designs strategies and markers to accelerate the performance of the test taker. Above all, it is like hitting bull's eye to prevent attempting the exam time and again. 'Do good, do better, do best'.